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2nd gear issue and solving

Started by JEFF1970, July 09, 2020, 12:20:26 PM

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hi guys im chuffed to be allowed on this forum,Youve all probably had an issue with the second gear on your bikes ive just had an fj1100 1985 that seems to be part of the knackered second gear gang.
What I want to know is if I take the engine out turn it upside down can the job be successfully done like that ? and also where can I get the replacement gears /shims etc,
the bike is red and white and could do with a freshen up so where can I find the colour codes for the red and white ,
thanx guys,


Welcome Jeff, click on the banner above for a great source of parts. The color codes should be in the files section.
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Pat Conlon

Hello Jeff, welcome aboard, take a look at this:

All the 2nd gear info. in one spot.

With today's super accurate color analyzers used in paint shops, paint color codes are old school meaningless, nevertheless, here ya go:
1985 Stormy Red AJ (0AJ?) 5005U top, 1500U base 1711-SMR/AJ Silky White GE (0GE) 5035U top, 1100U base 1611-SW/GE  

Take a stroll through our Files Section. We worked hard over the years to compile this info.

Cheers.  Pat
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