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cheep ebay item

Started by Stevecampy, July 24, 2021, 05:06:09 PM

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Got a fj1200 87 tx1 i think Anyway it needs agood looking at so starting to strip and clean / free every thing already done clutch seals and it ran of a sort brakes next as they stuck on


Welcome Steve, sounds like you have a good project. 86 is my first FJ, love them red/white colors. When you get the chance post in the introduction section. We like to know more about all new members joining our digital campfire.
The glass is not half full, it was engineered with a 2X safety factor.

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Pat Conlon

Steve, good for you :good2:

On the stuck brakes, on the bottom of the master cylinder reservoir there are 2 openings for fluid, 1 large one for pressuring the line and the second is a smaller relief port to depressurize the line.
You have to remove the bottom splash shield to see these ports, and to properly clean the bottom of the reservoir. It's the small relief port that's plugged not allowing the line to depressurize.

Cheers mate,  Pat.

PS do yourself a the banner at the top of the page and order 3 master cylinder seal kits from RPM.
(Clutch, front, rear brake) You need a special long nose snap ring pliers to reach the snap ring inside the master cylinder's barrel. RPM also sells those.
You will get the proper kits from RPM.....with FleaBay it's doubtful......brakes are important.
1) Free Owners Manual download:
2) Don't store your FJ with E10 fuel
3) Replace your old stock rubber brake lines.
4) Important items for the '84-87 FJ's:
Safety wire:
Fuel line:


Thank you all great brake info will clean all well Thank you


It's slowly getting there.running again will start from own battery needed a starter and new coils.stillpopping a little sound like a value sticking but maybe carbs still it rides not to far off MOT as all brakes lights and bearing ok :pardon: ps still trying to find paint and a left side air intake .fitted a later model on for know


If you're getting a MOT test Steve I guess you're in the UK. In that case to avoid big fees, and extra tax costs, try to get someone you have a contact with in the USA to get the bits for you from RPM, and send them to you in the UK as a "gift".   :good2:

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