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2020 WCR Poll

Started by yamaha fj rider, January 23, 2020, 05:05:17 PM

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Where would you like to go, for this years WCR?

5 (29.4%)
Andy's house
0 (0%)
Bucks Lake
6 (35.3%)
Hayfork Bar717
2 (11.8%)
No preference
4 (23.5%)
None of the above
0 (0%)

Total Members Voted: 17

Voting closed: February 03, 2020, 07:47:57 PM


I know i am a bit late to the game and I see the voting is in --- But if I were to cast my vote I think I would choose Bucks Lake -- with 2nd choice Willits ---

My first thought was Bucks is too far for my liking as I prefer to ride there and back and also the northern aspect and elevation play a very big part in the weather and fear of rain and maybe snow that time of year.  The lake it sits on is what swayed me slightly in its favor -- that and the desire to try a new place ----------its worth the try --- it looks beautiful and I can make a week out of the time there doing other things so travelling that far will be ok.  Once we go past 6 hours it means a trailer for the toys; while I can take two days to get there to make it fun the ride ---home is a straight ride on Sunday and while I can do it with ease I prefer not to.- too many wasted highway miles. 

Let us know when it is decided -- PS -- I wouldn't be hurt if it was decided to go to Willits as I could default to a ride only.

T Legg

I spoke with Rebecca at Bucks Lake Lodge today and told her our plans. She is happy to have us and has at this point set aside the entire facility for us untill we decide who wants to go and what rooms or cabins they want to rent. The prices I quoted earlier are still current. She says so far this year the snow has been relatively light and expects a nice spring this year.   My son Ian and I plan on attending. We need to formalize the decision and make a list of attendees. After we have a firm decision and a list I can coordinate with her.
T Legg


I'm in for a cabin for two. Thanks for picking up the ball. It's been a busy winter for me.

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I am in for a cabin or room --- I am a little confused is Bucks Lake Lodge just the cabins and Timberline Inn for the rooms or are there two different places and Bucks has cabins and rooms on its own.

T Legg

They are one business. The timberline inn and the cabins are on the same property. All part of Bucks Lake Lodge.
T Legg

Mike 86 in San Dimas

so how does this get final? What even Andy did not vote for Andy's place.


Mike, yep crafty hey. I voted for Bucks Lake having never been there. I tend to wake up in my house most days, so it gets a little old hat for me. The offer though, is always open just in case nothing else pans out.
Nice job Travis for getting it done.
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