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Heads up - my images from Photobucket might disappear

Started by Charlie-brm, September 27, 2019, 04:28:35 PM

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In case anyone browses a post from me and the image is kaput, I just joined the people fed up with Photobucket's methods and I'm getting out. The maddening part is they want you out of there if you are not paying anything - fair enough if they need the money because it is a business after all.

But the way they go about things is so frustrating. I end up doing all the work for them and it was taking far too long to trim out images using their interfaces, which were breaking down as I watched.
So I took an axe to my albums. All of my images came from my hard drive anyway so 99% I should still have the originals.

Just send me a PM if there is an image that is a priority to get re-established or I will gladly send it directly. Most of my images that are technical/informative come from my FJ album anyway.

Ciao for now.
If someone wants to see any images I refer to in posts, first check my gallery here. If no bueno, send me a PM. More than glad to share.
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