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'88 and '92 FJ's For Sale in Ontario

Started by woodcreekpete, June 25, 2019, 09:53:30 AM

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I've had these posted on Kijiji here (owned by eBay and quite possibly the worst free ad site in existence) without much response. More targeted audience here,  but selling to anywhere but Canada requires some patience and paperwork.

'92 - bought this out of a storage auction. Since then, anything that could be cleaned, adjusted, resealed, repacked, flushed, and polished has been gone over.  Plastics are excellent - everything's in fine shape. Stock with the exception of stainless lines up front and pod air cleaners. (Cursed air box will happily leave with it).
Chin's here but needs to be painted.
I've ridden it about a total of 50 feet from my shack to the driveway. Handled really well!
50k kilometers - 30k miles.
Will certify with no problem.
It's listed for $2450 Cdn but there's some room.

'88 - Bought it off a really decent guy in Sherbrooke, Quebec. About 10 years ago, he took it in for service, tires, etc. Came home with it and was informed by the wife that triplets were on the way. Parked the bike in the garage and there it sat until last fall.
  Wasn't properly stored so the usual woes set in.
Brakes have been cleaned and flushed, brakes, carbs and tank douched, slave fixed. Never been dropped, plastics are very good. Chin has an interesting collection of patches but looks good.
A bit of starter clutch- chain rattle with the clutch lever pulled - typical FJ noise. 62k kilometers - 36k miles
Runs fine - I put a grand total of about 50 miles on it last year, properly stored it, cleaned the carbs again this spring and there it sits.
I've got no room for it for another winter so if, by the end of July, it's still here, it'll be getting parted out.
Listed for $1650 Cdn, but $1400 would do it.

Both are in my name. I'll deliver either (or both) for gas money.


Good day.  Do you still have these bikes? I'm pretty interested.
Thanks, Keith