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Fallen friends, never forgotten.

Started by racerrad8, October 26, 2016, 09:14:13 AM

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It's a sad fact of life that along the way we lose some good friends. This topic is a place of remembrance for forum friends who have touched our lives here and passed on.

Randy - RPM

Randy - RPM


Excellent, Randy. I thought of suggesting this, but it seemed too morbid at the time. Thanks!
We're not a club. Clubs have rules. Pay dues. Wear hats and shit.

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Well done Randy.
A memorial page is most appropriate for our tight knit group.

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Thank you for setting this sub forum up.  Unfortunately, this is the reality of "FJ" riders are more mature.


Having the recent events unfold and the creation of this sub-forum, I have spoken with RPM Randy about fallen friends. He is generously reconditioning some carbs for myself and fjmonkey. Not for riding but for an URN for our fallen friend rktmanfj (Randy Thompson).

Randy's family has agreed to provide a sharing URN of ashes to utilize in this way and allow the never yielding Randy to attend rallies for years to come.
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No words except to agree...great idea.