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R.I.P. Frank Villagomez 7/25/19 (djfrankv)

Started by aviationfred, August 01, 2019, 07:26:28 AM

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R.I.P. Frank Villagomez 7/25/19 (djfrankv)   

I just saw this posting on Facebook this morning. I don't know much details other than his passing was due to Cancer.

I never met Frank, but I know a few of our California members have met and ridden with Frank.

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Yeah I just saw this also. I rode with Frank once. Hell of a nice guy and rode well. Had a beautiful FJ11 and a rare GTS. Wished we could have hooked up for more rides up his way but seems time had conspired against this.  :sorry:


Randy - RPM


I rode with Frank a few times as well, a good guy.
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Mike 86 in San Dimas

Same here. Shared some roads with him. So sorry to hear this.