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R.I.P. Randy Thompson 10/23/16 (rktmanfj)

Started by FJscott, October 23, 2016, 04:34:04 PM

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R.I.P. Randy Thompson 10/23/16 (rktmanfj)

We lost another good one. Randy died last night. Everyone knows Randy was battling throat cancer, he fought a good fight and lived many of his last days riding his FJ. He made every rally this year and I got the pleasure of riding with him at 2 of them.

RIP My friend,


Sorry to hear Randy passed. My thoughts and prayers for Randy's wife.

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Sad news. I am fortunate to have spent time with him at the Central Rally this year.
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Very said to hear that we lost another member from the forumn.

If I might ask, was this rktmanfj we are talking about?  I'm suspecting that it is, and if so I'm hoping that his wife is doing OK as well.

Regardless, my prayers and condolences to his family and friends.


Very sorry to read this, although we knew it was coming.

He was a good guy, buzz-saw-like snoring and all.

I recall he brought his little dog "Q-Bert" to an East Coast rally we attended.

Yep, he'll be missed.

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This is sad news indeed. Randy will be missed by all. I am glad that I had the pleasure of meeting him this year at the Central Rally.

R.I.P. Randy

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RIP Randy,

I just got back from Cashes' service.

Randy and I had a few really good conversations at the WCR. I will miss him and remember him well.

Edit - I guess Cash and Rick can meet up for a few rides now.
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RIP old friend.  We shared many a Koa Kamping Kabin even though you snored like a diesel tractor motor, idling away all night.  Always pretending to hate being "lured" down a dirt road, although I know you really liked it.  

Godspeed you good hearted old FJ riding grumpy bear.

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 Godspeed, my brother. See you on the other side.
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God Speed Randy.


I had a bad feeling when we spoke last week. He told me he was in a ton of pain.

Here he was at the 2016 WCR rally sharing a beer & stories with Frank, Mark and me.

My only solace in knowing that he is no longer suffering.

Rest in peace my friend.

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Randy - RPM


RIP Randy. I will miss his e mails and posts. Very very sad news.
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Going to miss you Randy. He was a great guy. Took the newbie under his wing so to speak. My first rally (east coast fall rally). Led me around some of the good back roads. And gave me a quart of rotella t-6 for My ride home.(cam cover gasket was leaking,) Sunday morning he snuck out of the restaurant and paid my bill.
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I truly owe Randy the most for introducing me to the FJ Rally.
He was very modest when I pointed that out to him at the Colorado Rally 2016, but it's true.

He offered to take me into his home in Indy, and accompanied me to the ECFR 2011.
What made this so memorable for me, was the fact that it was my first, and also the very last Tellico Plains rally, as a tornado wiped out the KOA just a few months later.

The next few pictures are all that I have of Randy from that rally, and it's the way I wish to remember him as, before his health problems began.

I feel very fortunate to have known Randy, as I know alot of you have known him much longer than I.

I told him that I loved him, the last time I spoke to him and thanked him for being my gateway to the joy of attending rallies, which has lead me to making so many more friendships along the way.

R.I.P. Randy, I'll never forget you, and will always be in your debt.

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Damn............. :sorry:

I'm glad I got to meet him in Colorado this June, and sit around the campfire and share a beer and a story or two.

I could tell that he was down, and I wish there would have been better times ahead for him.
I can only echo Randy's thought, in that at least he is no longer suffering.

A lot of you have great stories with the man, and the loss will be felt deeply.

He will be remembered for the friend that he was to many.
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Godspeed Randy.  Only knew you through the FJ sites - still gutted though.  Ride far, ride fast, ride free