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summer of 69

Started by Burns, September 26, 2016, 06:23:37 PM

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Well, I see the dual-sport drums 'round here have been silent since Spring. So I'll give 'em a thumb.

I picked up a couple D/S's ( which, BTW,  had been totally dissed by their PO's) in anticipation of some father/son dirt biking on my last summer before 70. MY Summer of 69!  The KTM 450 for my son and the DR350 Suz for me.  I've spent most of the time since purchase getting them rideable  But rideable they are and we gave them a truck-camping rollic in the Rocky's of Idaho (yes there are such a thing).

I'm getting to know Dr Suz and believe her to be a well thought out motorcycle.  I am returning her to her proper place in the Universe.  New front brake cylinder goes on tomorrow. Then I'll fabricate a heel-toe shifter . No one with a size 8 or bigger can possible shift gears in boots on this motorcycle.  Probably
gonna have to cast that.

It's all in good fun.
There's nothing you can do that can't be done.


Awesome Mike. Can you post any pics of your bikes and adventures? My son and I have been doing alot of D/S riding also. His ride being a bitchin 2001 Yamaha WR426 and my 2015 KLR650, or my old SuzySP 600 for the more radical off pavement stuff. Great times...dual sport to me is the ultimate all around riding experience love love love it, and I love my KLR! :i_am_so_happy:                                                              Ride on! Charley
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I had a Super Pile for a while. Crashed it getting on the highway. Patch of ice in the shadow of the bridge.
Didn't even feel it start to slide. Just riding, then me sliding down the pavement. Funny thing was. I was on my way to therapy. For the one that I was dead at the scene. Rebroke my hip.
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