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'89 FJ 1200 revs higher while riding

Started by davidpawlowski21, September 07, 2016, 12:59:45 PM

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Hello everyone! I'm new here to the forum, and have an issue with my new (to me) FJ 1200. The previous owner synced carbs, new tires, oil change and topped off all fluids prior to the sale. It appears in excellent condition, and over the last week I've put 500 miles on it.
The majority of the driving has been @ or near highway speed (55-65mph) and I've noticed that the revs are becoming I increasingly higher to maintain a constant speed. For instance, this morning I drove home from Chicago @ about 60mph in 5th gear, and to keep that speed my tach was around 7k. The first few days though, she ran much lower... and I'd prefer to get your opinion vs taking it to the shop and getting screwed! Hope to hear from you all!



Welcome David. You either have a slipping clutch or forgot to shift into 5th gear. Not much else is going to allow higher revs at a given speed. Having ridden an FJ for 16 years I still find that I forget to shift into 5th on the freeway. More often than not I try to shift into 6th gear. Next time you are experiencing this do two things, make sure you are in 5th (Top Gear), and twist the throttle wide open quickly. If the revs climb quickly and you don't accelerate much then you need to replace the clutch pack. And just to be safe, make sure the rear sprocket is not aluminum and the teeth stripped off.
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One other the tach working correctly?  If it is then it must be clutch as Monkey says. 
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Hello and welcome...

As my friend Leon said, "You will never find your Kookaloo with a shitty clutch".

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Find out what kind of oil the PO used when he changed it.

If it was "Energy Conserving" then it will cause the clutch to slip.


Quote from: davidpawlowski21 on September 07, 2016, 12:59:45 PM

...drove home from Chicago...

And where might "home" be? There aren't too many of us in Illinois, but we're around...

We're not a club. Clubs have rules. Pay dues. Wear hats and shit.

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I  check with the previous owner tomorrow, and take a look @ the sprocket as well. I live in lake Zurich, and work east of O'Hare airport. Thank you all for the tips!