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My new bike

Started by charleygofast, April 10, 2016, 11:30:39 AM

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I bought a new leftover 2015 KLR650. My first brand new Motorcycle since 1977. I needed a bike that suits my location and riding style and the KLR fits the bill perfectly plus electric start something my 35year old Suzuki sp600 doesn't have, and the mods and upgrades for these are endless. I've added moto-tech crash bars and skid plate, moose hybrid pegs, Touratech headlight guard, Lexx exhaust and I got a new set of Knobbies that I'll spoon on after she hits 500mi. Next comes the racks and wife jokingly refers to this bike as the "money pit". Its worth it to me though as I'll get alot of use outta this bike.  Yes my FJ will still get ridden...just not as much.                                                                                                                                                                                        Cheers :drinks:                                                                                                                                          Charley.
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Excellent choice in an all around bike. Had dinner last night with a KLR 650 owner, part of the Two Wheeled Texans group I ride with. The rest of the group is riding in Mexico on their dirt bikes. Most of these guys are either KLR 650, DR650 or Super ten owners and also have street bikes. The KLR owners are very dedicated to their KLR's over other brands. Good looking bike.   Dave
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Nice choice; I've considered that bike on occasion. Kinda like an FJ - dedicated owners and a good platform for moditus victims.

We're not a club. Clubs have rules. Pay dues. Wear hats and shit.

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Nice bike.  If you're a true KLR rider, you need a milk crate on the back :rofl2:


Ha what a small world... I just sent you a PM from KLR650net.

Good to see another KLR FJ combo rider.

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did Kaw ever get around to upgrading the "thing-a-ma-jig"  chain-tensioner?

riding the KLR will make you enjoy the FJ more, and vice versa.

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Hey Burns!    The "Doohickey" Was upgraded with a stronger arm that doesn't break. I believe the spring is too long now so it's recommended that it get's replaced with a shorter one... still researching to see if that applys to 2015/2016 models. Yeah, I'm gonna ride my FJ this weekend It'll probably scare the f#$k outa me after riding the KLR all week. I do love it though, as I said before if I could only have one bike (noooooo!!!!!!) it would be a KLR. But thankfully that's not gonna happen!  Carey , do you think I should get a black milk crate, or a white one!? :rofl2:        Hey Rover, ya I seen ya on KLR650NET,  if you ever jump the pond I'd love to show you Wisconsin and where I ride. BTW, your posts about your travels on your KLR are awesome...but photo bucket wont show the pics anymore.        Cheers  :drinks:                                                                                                                                                                                                    Charley
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