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Running problems...a thankyou

Started by NZ FJ Rider, September 24, 2014, 05:19:21 AM

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NZ FJ Rider

NZ FJ Rider (well.... owner)

And a thank you to those of you who haven't let it die (incl Earl,Giant Killer, Garreth)

Earl...  Just read your post ...had a grin....the first attempt to revisit for this season was last week.... found that connector that you have mentioned showed signs of hot. ....son is a mechanic (also now auto-electrical) and taking pity on his dad for fathers day.... pulled everything apart in charging system tested and re-soldered many of the connections...including inside the alternator... eliminated the plug you mentioned and hard wired it. almost 4 more volts at coil and at charge.

After snow and rain and wet weather after work...then a bout of the flu.... with everything running great on stand.... and everything testing well at start up.... prolonged running gear-brake on loading...all on the direct supply tank that I use... it was with great expectations and new petrol that decided on the first ride tonight to top up for a longer one tomorrow ....

Started well ...warmed her up awaiting my excited daughter to kit up shes 15 but still managed to get ready in under 5mins thats how excited she was...

So off we went but only made it half way up my driveway ...a steep hill, gravel surface (i think its "metal" for those of you in the States)  she stammered and stalled... managed to back her down safely .... checked petcock posi...reset to prime... had another go....(alone)... seemed to respond well (well better ...still not right) above 3000rpm but a bit difficult to control on a gravel surface (with curves banks and trees) exciting but not fun.

... and even slipping the clutch she didnt want to take off again on the hill

Seems to have developed a miss since last start 3 days ago.

Back to drawing board. :dash2:
Brian NZ FJ Rider


Never give up! Never surrender! I know it's frustrating, but the answer has to be there, unless you believe in those cruiser gremlins, in which case, get a bell. I didn't see if you had mentioned if the plugs were wet or dry after failure. Give us another shot at it..
1990 FJ1200
Ride fast, live free... I forget the rest...


Oh, and just a thought. Maybe a big floaty in the fuel tank. Or fuel line squeeze when under pressure.
1990 FJ1200
Ride fast, live free... I forget the rest...

mr blackstock


I am pretty sure this suggestion has not been offered, check the wires from the coils into the loom, on my bike a little grey wire going to the tacho caused similar problems, my bike was missing on two cylinders, fixed the grey wire and now she runs sweet.

cheers, Gareth
Squeaky wheels always get the grease...

Yamaha FJ1100 1985