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Cheese and Rice! I am going crazy with this issue!

Started by dracko, April 01, 2014, 08:58:05 PM

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OooOooH.. Yea.. That was mentioned prior too I believe, but no I have not checked them yet... I read elsewhere in the forums here that you should should tightened them counter clock wise till they lightly seat and back out counter clockwise like you said two and a half turns. At this point you should hook up a carb syncronizer (which I have) and make fine tune adjustments yea??
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I'd get them checked sharp-ish then.  Lift the tank to get at them. They are located on top of the carbs just before the inlet rubbers.
You can use a synchronizer at this point but to get the best results from it you should check and adjust the valve shims if they need doing and preferably use a clean or new air filter.