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R.I.P. Eric McClellan 11/25/15 (Yamifj1200)

Started by racerman_27410, November 25, 2015, 03:44:58 PM

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R.I.P. Eric McClellan 11/25/15 (Yamifj1200)    

Not really sure what happened as his wife Anita was very upset but i think something fell and crushed him at work.

She seemed to think that he expired shortly after the accident so we hope he didnt have to suffer a lot of pain.

I will update this thread after i get more details.... Eric left behind his Wife Anita and son Jim.

He was a good friend and will be missed.

Vaya con dios Eric




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Tragic news

RIP Eric

Randy - RPM
Randy - RPM

the fan

My God, That's terrible news. Eric's constant grin will be sorely missed.



Thank you for sharing the tragic news.  I considered Eric one of the original FJ'ers and more importantly, a friend.  He will be missed.  I'll keep his family in my thoughts and prayers.


For those who did know Eric by name, his FJowners handle was Yamifj1200


Randy - RPM
Randy - RPM


Anita said something about he was working on a lathe... Eric was a machinist and i know he worked with some pretty big stuff that could easily kill a person if it got loose.

Its just conjecture in my mind as i try and rationalize why my friend is dead.


Terrible news, Eric was a mate and mentor to so many, tragically taken too soon, if there's any thoughts on how to best help and support his loving wife, Anita and son Jim through this time of shock, grief and mourning,  please share them with his FJ friends.
RIP, Eric, you're a good man,  loved by all.

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I'm shocked and sorry to hear this news.

Eric had contacted me recently, and we were looking forward to seeing each other and catching up at ECSR '16... I missed the last two.

RIP, Eric... Godspeed

Randy T
Randy T

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Truly sad news. I didn't know Eric but I feel bad for his unexpected passing. RIP and thoughts to his family and loved ones.
Life isn't about having the best, but about making the best of what you have...

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big r

Thoughts and prayers for the family. Big R


Quote from: racerman_27410 on November 25, 2015, 03:44:58 PM
He was a good friend and will be missed.

Really tragic and shocking...  I hope they get good support from friends and family.

I had a great buddy get killed on a bicycle a couple weeks ago.  Car hit him and he was gone...  Their family is reeling and still more angry than anything else.

Live each day like it could be your last.

There's plenty of time for sleep in the grave...


This is sad news.   Shocking and  sad.

I  am lucky to have spent some quality time with Eric.  He and I got along very well.

The first time I met Eric was at the FJ Rally in Boone.....way back when.

On this particular day, most of  the FJ'ers had gone out to play.  Eric, Calvin, and I stayed in camp.

Calvin went looking for firewood.  Eric and I just loafed around camp, chatting and enjoying life.

We talked a lot about  FJ's and bikes in general.   Talked about lottsa other things too.

It was a good day, indeed!

A  few years later,  Eric and Frank M.  put together a plan for an FJ "dream trip" out West.

They trailered their FJ's to my house in Denver.  Off-loaded the FJ's and parked

the trailer and van in my yard.

At the time, I was on my FJ, and already camped  up in Wyoming.  They knew where I was camped, and as planned,  they rode up and met me at my camp.  This camp was almost directly on their planned route out through the West, so it worked out almost TOO easy!

What an enjoyable laid-back time we had!!  We weren't in a hurry.  Everything  was working out just fine, and  we all savored the moment.

I'd sure like to do that again.

I do say "Thank you"  to Eric for the fine warm memories.

Lee  Carkenord         

Pat Conlon

Shocking news.

I have read Eric's posts for years and he was always helpful....always.

I had the pleasure to meet him when Marsh, Klavdy and I went back to the Tellico rally.
He was the real deal. I had fun with him. In the mornings I would go out and dry off my bike along with some Zaino spray to get her to sparkle.
Eric's beautiful '91 was parked next to mine so, what the hell... I would also do Eric's bike, unbeknownst to Eric.

It was funny to watch his reaction. Looking at his sparkly clean bike, scratching his head, puzzled and wondering how it got that way.
I did that for 2 days without getting caught...he caught me on Sunday. He said, "Remind me to always get a cabin next to you..."

Frank, Henry, Dean, TRoy and the all the East Coast gang, I am sorry for the loss of your friend. You guys had many fine times together.
We have lost one the nicest members of our clan.

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