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Paint Protection Film

Started by FJ1100mjk, March 07, 2015, 07:39:49 AM

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Does anyone here have any experience with applying a paint protection film on their FJ?

I came across a company called Tankslapper, that markets a few kits of the film for "FJ1200". Not sure what years it is for. I am looking at applying some to at least the fuel tank on a '85 FJ1100, so it's a model not listed on their website, and this warrants a call or email to Tankslapper. I also noticed that under their website's "Comparisons" tab, that they discuss the use and differences between their film and 3M's Paint Protection film. I find their comments about the spillage of gas and the use of a tank bag of interest too.

If you have any feedback about the use of either films on your FJ, and the experiences and tips about installing the films, please post.


Here's some link to one of Tankslapper's FJ1200 specific film kits...

Here's a link to their comparisons on the films...

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The glass is not half full, it was engineered with a 2X safety factor.

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^^ Thanks Mark. I should've followed my own advice, and used the Search feature.

However, sometimes a later redundant post elicits new information from others who have not seen an earlier post on the subject.

I'll peruse the link above.

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Quote from: FJ1100mjk on March 07, 2015, 07:39:49 AM
Does anyone here have any experience with applying a paint protection film on their FJ?

I see Mark has saved me a lot of typing (thanks Mark) with a link to my old post. My original set has 10's of 000's of km's since then and I have reported on it several times. Other than a couple of the edges not sticking, which doesn't matter, it is still holding  up well.

If and when it stops sticking, I will buy more but next time round I will just buy a sheet of it and cut my own. As you say, the non permanency of it has great appeal. 

This is a photo of my tank last week, I have not polished it for a year or so. I put the tankslapper film on whenever I am going on a trip or very long ride. My paint is 130,000km / 22 years old.

How could you cover that up with permanent plastic??

Here are the knee indents that the film fits over.

I heartily endorse this product.

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I have been using the clear adhesive film I bought from a bike shop and it works great.  I do not remove it as it sticks very well, protects the paintwork from leathers etc.  A good deal.

cheers, Gareth
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I bought the tankslapper kit. I haven't installed all of it. But the pieces I have went on great. And are cut perfect. I will be ordering them for my 89. For the price I can't see cutting them myself. I've got way too many other projects to consume all my time. Was very helpful. Said I was the first to order after he made them up.
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